Seeded Multigrain Sourdough

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This hearty, multigrain loaf has a delicate and pleasing crunchy texture created by a blend of soaked cracked wheat, millet, oats, and cornmeal. Slice it and cascade the slices over the center of your table for easy access of hungry hands. This loaf compliments the rich flavors of a traditional Thanksgiving feast and also raises the bar for leftover turkey sandwiches.



Supporting Local:

This bread is crafted from ingredients made by the following local food producers.

*Dave's Honey

(Sarver, PA)

*Frankferd Farms Foods

(Saxonburg, PA)


Nutritional Information:

purified water, sourdough starter (unbleached all-purpose flour, purified water, mature starter), unbleached bread flour, organic whole wheat bread flour, seed soaker (water, millet, cornmeal, oats, cracked wheat), honey, salt, yeast.

Contains wheat; may contain traces of eggs, dairy, peanuts and/or tree nuts.