Novel Breads Co. is a made-to-order artisan bread bakery where bread and books are beautifully combined.

Tucked in the undulating hills of Western Pennsylvania, this micro-bakery creates classic and novel flavor combinations  through the use of exceptional, unique and local ingredients.

Owned and operated by a single baker, Novel Breads Co. finds its inspiration in literature.




Novel Breads Co. strives to provide bread lovers of Western Pennsylvania with the highest quality and most flavorful breads by using naturally cultivated sourdough starter, by applying the long-fermentation process that nurtures and unveils layers and layers of flavor and by mixing everything by hand. 

Novel Breads Co. also ensures the quality of the breads by using locally milled flour and other ingredients produced on our regional farms as well as crafting some ingredients in-house.


Novel Breads Co. brings together two of life's pleasures by creating breads inspired directly from books.

As a voracious reader, Novel Breads owner, Heather Sprague, finds names, passages and quotes from the books she reads and then later bequeaths them to the breads.

By combining the literary with the culinary, Novel Breads Co. aims to generate an experience for customers that is unlike any other.


Defining what it means to shop locally isn't as simple as it would seem as each person perceives "local" in very different ways. At Novel Breads Co., however, I choose to define "local" as purchasing ingredients made and/or distributed within a 100-mile radius of where Novel Breads' creations are baked.

While this concept is not new or novel, it continues to be relevant. By shopping locally, we are stimulating local economies, fostering relationships with farmers and small business owners, and putting money back into our communities. When you shop at Novel Breads Co., you too, are contributing to this thriving web.

Ordering & Pickup

Novel Breads Co. makes breads for PICKUP ORDERS ONLY and requires orders to be placed at LEAST 2-3 MORNINGS prior to pickup. *Please note that orders can no longer be picked up at The Venue On Main in Butler. Instead, customers can now pickup at the new Mars location.


1.)Mars Location:

Novel Breads Storefront

Baumgartel Professional Building

504 Pittsburgh St.

Mars, PA 16046

(Breezeway Entrance)

Pickup Days: Tuesdays & Saturdays

Pickup Times: 10am-2pm


2.) Renfrew Location:

146 Moose Rd.

Renfrew, PA 16053

Pickup Days: Anyday except Thursday

Pickup Times: 4-7pm


3.) Ambridge Farmers Market

624 Park Rd.

Ambridge, PA

Thursdays, 4-6pm

through October


5.)Sweetwater Farms

Creekside Plaza

100 Perry Highway,

Harmony, PA 16037

Days: Tuesday-Sunday

for in-store purchases only

Times: 10-7 Tuesday-Friday,

9-3 Saturday & Sunday



This question is best answered by a quote from the novel, Stones for Bread:

"I don't make [any] single-build recipes, where the dough is mixed, proofed, and baked in a matter of hours...[which]...does nothing to tease out the flavors of the flour, the natural yeast, the bacteria. Most of my formulas require at least two days, the dough cold fermented overnight or some kind of pre-ferment---prepared and added to the other ingredients".


Go to the top of page and either hit MENU (on left) or SHOP (on right). Scroll through bread selections and choose bread size and quantity. 

Next, go to checkout. Before hitting CHECKOUT button, include date and time when you want bread in the space allotted. Also include any other special notes for the order. Proceed through checkout, entering contact and payment information. If you have a question, you can either email or text Novel Breads Co. It is also recommended that you include your phone number in case Novel Breads Co. needs to reach you about your order or if you would like a speedier response to your own questions.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Heather Sprague, at:




Also, please visit Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates.



Dear Heather,

On Sunday, I stopped by The Enchanted Olive for a bottle of olive oil, and left with that and some of your bread - Milk Buds and the Ricotta Sourdough. 

Sunday evening I had  a Milk Buds roll with a nice glass of rose wine.  It was wonderful!  Tonight I had the sourdough with a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup - equally wonderful. 

As I told you on Sunday, I love good bread, and your bread is simply terrific!  I’m passing your business information on to my friends who live in the Butler area and encouraging them to give your bread a try.  If they do, they won’t regret it!

Good luck with your business.  I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

~Linda M.