Ginger Cream Oat Bread

Ginger's spicy edges are soothed by the suppleness of fresh cream and the softness of oats. Delicately sweetened with a touch of brown sugar and candied ginger, sourdough bread is smooth and creamy in both flavor and texture. One bite, and you will feel like you have happily entered a warm, toasty gingerbread house.

The Ginger Cream Oat Bread can be toasted and served at breakfast with a pat of butter, spread with a bit of chocolate hazelnut for lunch, or covered with a swirl of fresh whipped cream and caramel drizzle for dessert.

*If giving as a gift, consider adding the Literary Bread Crumbs Feature.

Supporting Local:

This bread is crafted from ingredients made by the following local food producers or distributed by small local businesses.

*Frankferd Farms Foods

(Saxonburg, PA)

* Marburger Farm Dairy

(Evans City, PA)


Nutritional Information:

purified water, unbleached bread flour (unbleached enriched hard spring wheat flour, wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin(vitamin B3), reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate(vitamin B1), riboflavin(vitaminB2), folic acid), oat flour, brown sugar, sourdough starter (unbleached all-purpose flour, purified water, whole wheat flour), rolled oats, ginger cream puree (ginger root, water, cream), candied ginger, stem ginger (ginger root, sugar, water), sea salt.

Contains wheat and cream; may contain traces of eggs and other dairy, peanuts and/or tree nuts.