Soft, fluffy Brioche is the delicately sweet, enriched bread that toasts into the most delicious french toast. Made with the A2 luscious Milk from Windy Ridge Dairy and infused with fresh eggs and homemade sourdough from Novel Breads Co., the brioche can be added to a variety of dishes such as Breakfast Strata, Bread Pudding, and French Onion Soup.

Supporting Local:

This bread is crafted from ingredients made by the following local food producer

* Windy Ridge Dairy

(Fombell, PA)



 Nutritional Information:

unbleached bread flour (unbleached enriched hard spring wheat flour, wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin(vitamin B3), reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate(vitamin B1), riboflavin(vitaminB2), folic acid), eggs, unsalted butter, poolish (unbleached bread flour, purified water, fresh active yeast), sourdough starter (unbleached all-purpose flour, purified water, whole wheat flour), whole milk, salt, yeast.


Contains wheat, eggs, and dairy; may contain traces of peanuts and/or tree nuts.