Take A Bite Out Of Books (ONLINE BOOKSTORE)

At Novel Breads Co., bread and books are inseparable. Books inspire bread creations while the bread incorporates some element or tiny tidbit (name/quote) from books. With this in mind, owner/baker, Heather Sprague, has hand selected a small cache of reading options for the curious bread and book lover. These books are now available for purchase from the Take A Bite Out Of Books Online Bookstore. Select a book for reading and then pair it with a bread from the Novel Breads Co. collection.

Current Listing of Books:

A Gentleman In Moscow (historical fiction): set in Moscow at the Metropol Hotel during the Bolshevik Revolution. Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov is ordered to house arrest in the glorious hotel. As his story unfolds, we experience history evolving through the characters who cross Count Alexander's path. What makes this man a gentleman? You decide. This book pairs well with the Count Alexander's Dark Russian Rye Bread.

A Man Called Ove (fiction): fall in love with the crusty curmudgeon, Ove, as he navigates life in a small Swedish town. Beautifully told story in which the reader can take notice of the fun piccadillies of being human. This book pairs with the crusty, classic sourdough, Ove's Loaf.

Blessed Are The Cheesemakers (fiction): this cozy story follows a man and woman who end up on an Irish cheese farm, healing from their personal wounds as they follow the calming rhythms of cheesemaking. Each chapter begins with a lesson in cheesemaking that is actually a life lesson. This novel pairs well with the The Blessed Cheesemakers' Ricotta Sourdough, which is handmade at Novel Breads Co.

Moloka'i (historical fiction): set on the Hawaiian island of Moloka'i in the 1890s when those diagnosed with leprosy were sent to the island to live out the rest of their days. From the vantage of the young girl, Rachel Kalama, we see how those who were sent away from all they loved found a new community and a new way to live. This novel pairs well with the Pineapple Babka.

The Beekeeper of Aleppo (historical fiction): In 2017, we heard a lot on the news about the Syrian refugees who were fleeing their war ravage country for new lives. In this novel, we follow one couple, Afra and Nuri, as they undertake the dangerous journey from Aleppo to England. Nuri was a beekeeper with his cousin in Syria. It is his love of bees that keeps him moving forward, heading toward a reunion with his cousin. Along the way, he and Afra come to face all the reasons they had to leave their homeland. Sensitive story based on real refugee experiences. This novel pairs is best enjoyed with a pocket of syrian bread drizzled with honey.

The Cow Who Climbed A Tree (children's fiction): This is a beautiful, insightful light-hearted tale about a plucky cow who believes in seemingly unimaginable possibilities. This book is great for any age and pairs well with the Mini Moo Milk Bread.

The Perfume Collector (historical fiction): following the story of two separate women living at two different times in European history. While strangers to each other, their stories intertwine when the one leaves her estate to the other. The benefactress goes on a journey of self-exploration as she puts together the pieces of stranger who gave her her worldly possessions. This story dips into the sensual world of perfume and personal scent. A stunning and intricately told story. This novel pairs deliciously with the Blushed Roses and Coconut Scones.

The Sun Does Shine (nonfiction): this is a real-life account of Anthony Ray Hinton, who was an Alabama black man wrongfully accused of murder and living on death row for 30 years before being exonerated. Despite the heaviness of the subject, Anthony's story is positive and inspiring. Novel Breads Co. was able to see Anthony speak in 2019 in East Liberty. Excellent personal story that pairs with the Sun Shinin' Biscuits.