Cream Scones

These seemingly simple scones are actually made artfully complex with an infusion of vanilla enhanced with a touch of cream and naturally fermented with sourdough.

*Warm these slightly sweet confections and coat with a dab of clotted cream for a tender morsel at breakfast or dip pieces of the scones in tea for an afternoon treat.

Supporting Local:

This bread is crafted from ingredients made by the following local food producers.

*Frankferd Farms Foods

(Saxonburg, PA)

*Marburger Farm Dairy

(Evans City, PA)

Nutritional Information:

unbleached all purpose flour, heavy cream, sourdough starter (unbleached all-purpose flour, purified water, mature starter), unsalted butter, egg, pure cane sugar, vanilla extract, salt, sparkling sugar (coating), yeast.

Contains wheat, cream, and butter; may contain traces of eggs and other dairy, peanuts and/or tree nuts.