Ove's Loaf (Blended Blonde)

This blonde sourdough is gentle and subtly sweet, made with the delicate mingle of white, wheat and rye flour.

*Now made with spent grains (the grain mash remaining after brewing beer) from Stick City Brewing Co. These grains will vary according to what beers are being brewed, offering a new flavor each time.*


This artisan bread reminds me of Ove from the Swedish novel, A Man Called Ove, as it is straightforward, unembellished by strange ingredients or flavor. It is rustic and rugged, and like Ove, it is full of depth and personality. Additionally, this sourdough bread reminds me of Ove who discovers that when he blends his life with his neighbors, his life is made richer like the Blended Blonde with its mix of wheat, rye, and spent grains. Each time you have a slice of the hearty Blended Blonde, think of the curmudgeony, yet loving, Swedish character.


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Supporting Local:

This bread is crafted from ingredients made by the following local food producers.

* Frankferd Farms Foods

(Saxonburg, PA)

*Stick City Brewing Co.

(Mars, PA)

* Weatherbury Farm

(Avella, PA)


Nutritional Information:

unbleached bread flour (unbleached enriched hard spring wheat flour, wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin(vitamin B3), reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate(vitamin B1), riboflavin(vitaminB2), folic acid), purified water, sourdough starter (unbleached all-purpose flour, purified water, whole wheat flour), organic whole wheat bread flour, organic rye flour, spent grains, salt.

Contains wheat; may contain traces of eggs, dairy, peanuts and/or tree nuts.